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2022 IRMAKMUN Crew

Our school’s journey started in 1995 and currently offers education from preschool to high school levels. IRMAK School’s educational philosophy is based on the principle of providing students with a well-rounded education that emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, and social responsibility. The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students at every level and is constantly updated to keep up with changing educational trends and the demands of the modern world.

In keeping with the rapidly changing world, the school’s curriculum is continuously updated to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and teaching methodologies. By staying at the forefront of educational trends, IRMAK School equips its students with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in a globally interconnected society.
Through the years, IRMAK School has earned a reputation for providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where students can reach their full potential academically, emotionally, and socially. As it continues to grow and adapt, the school remains steadfast in its mission to empower the next generation of leaders and innovators.

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IRMAKMUN has been an existing club for 11 years. Every year all of the delegates and club chairs got our some obstacles such as creating a safe place where every interested student can step up and share their thoughts on worldwide matters without having to worry about being judged or working on how to do fruitful and that contain the utmost importance and work on crisis solving quickly. Thanks to all of our previous club members that’s has done what was required this year in December 2023 we got a chance to have our first of hopefully many conferences with the help and efforts of our current executive staff and delegates alongside our hardworking advisors and school presidents who never fails to provide the necessary support for us to get IRMAKMUN up and rolling. Throughout the 11 years of our existence, IRMAKMUN has thrived and evolved, becoming a beacon of open dialogue and intellectual growth within our school community.

Each year, our dedicated delegates and club chairs have pushed the boundaries of excellence, fostering an environment where every student feels encouraged and empowered to engage in discussions on global issues.
Our club’s journey has been filled with challenges, but through determination and collaboration, we have overcome them all. We have worked tirelessly to create a safe and inclusive space where diverse perspectives are celebrated, and innovative ideas can flourish.

As we approach December 2023, we are excited to mark a significant milestone – our first conference. This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our current executive staff and delegates, who have poured their hearts into making this dream a reality. With the unwavering support of our advisors and school presidents, IRMAKMUN is now ready to take its place on the stage of diplomacy and problem-solving.

Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue building on our success, striving to create even more opportunities for meaningful discussions, impactful debates, and effective crisis resolution. The legacy of our previous club members continues to inspire us, and we are committed to leaving a lasting impact on our school and beyond. As we prepare for the upcoming conference, we are filled with enthusiasm and anticipation, knowing that this is only the beginning of a long and rewarding journey. Together, as one united and passionate community, we are determined to make IRMAKMUN a force for positive change, shaping future leaders and fostering a greater understanding of global issues.