A Letter From President of the General Assembly

Distinguished Directors and Esteemed Participants,

MUN is a practice that feeds bright minds and guides them towards exploring how one can fix the problems the harsh reality puts upon us. The same problems which no one believes they can fix and better the world. What we strive to achieve is to make IRMAKMUN 2023 an ideal vessel for the young generations to experience MUN. This matter at hand presents great significance to us, and our wish is to start bonds with every delegate attending our conference this year, based on good intentions, and then strengthen it throughout the years to come. IRMAKMUN will be hosting its first-ever session this year. This doesn’t change however, that we are an ambitious team today that has worked all out to make this conference a reality.

Even though this is our first conference as our own, the team behind consist of very much experienced MUN’ers and we and internalize the concept as a whole immensely. Filled with quality delegates and experienced Student officers, we hope tp make this conference a memorable one. The main topic of IRMAKMUN 23’; stability and youth empowerment, focuses on one of the most important and far-reaching issues on the globe. The biggest threat a civilization faces against effectively and permanently improving themselves in any and all aspects is a volatile and thus very dangerous environment. Stability all around has to be achieved and taken to perfection, for an ideal environment to be created. Delegates will debate around issues that emphasize this main point and attempt to achieve stability peacefully. Additionally, as important as today, is tomorrow.

The future of societies is totally going to be created by their current young generations, and educating them accordingly is crucial. Including the youth today in major systems, can guarantee the successful expansion tomorrow, for tomorrow’s leaders will be experienced firsthand. Resolutions created in IRMAKMUN 23’ will include instructions empowering today’s youth and strengthening them immensely.

To conclude everything that has been stated so far on behalf of the IRMAKMUN team, as a student-run youth organization that is striving to create something impeccable, we would love every interested delegate to be a part of this conference and add to it for mutual benefit. We look forward to hosting you on our campus.


Kerem Moğol
President of the General Assembly, IRMAKMUN