Stability & Youth Empowerment
The rising effects and significance of integrated stability and youth empowerment, such as political participation and unemployment issues in the global modern world.

Committees & Issues

General Assembly 1 – Disarmament and International Security (GA1)

1- Reducing and deterring the usage of biological and chemical weapons based on their mass impact, including the development of effective control measures.
2- The issue of child soldiers; taking measures to curtail the issue and promoting the reintegration of former child soldiers into society.

General Assembly 2 – Economic & Financial (GA2)

1- Establishing measures to promote youth political participation & interaction in decision-making processes in national and international governmental levels.
2- Addressing the global issue and the impact of widespread unemployment and inflation; through social, legislative and humanitarian measures.

General Assembly 3 – Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (GA3)

1- Promoting comprehensive access to essential amenities such as education, health services etc. in crisis-affected areas, likewise including refugees and internally displaced people
2- The Lachin corridor blockade; ensuring the transfer of humanitarian resources and aid to the Nagorno-Karabakh

General Assembly 4 – Special Political and Decolonization (GA4)

1- Preventing conflicts based on the use and management of natural resources from arising, such as the Niger Delta
conflict, and attempting to resolve them.
2- The situation of Uyghur Turks, Addressing Human Rights Violations and Minority Rights in Xinjiang China.

General Assembly 5 – Legal (GA5)

1- Strengthening and expanding international law to address children’s rights, supervise its execution and stop breaches from taking place.
2- Addressing cross-border international terrorism; exploring ways to eliminate it and minimizing the effects.

Security Council (SC)

1- Addressing the growing threat to cybersecurity; preventing potential cyber-attacks, improving international cooperation and establishing guidelines for responsible behaviour.
2- The South China Territorial Disputes: Senkaku Islands.

Advisory Panel – on the Question of MENA

1- Addressing the syrian civil war and the refugee crisis
2- Evaluating the Iraqi insurgency and the overall instability of the region

Historical Committee

1- The 1990s Gulf war
2- The Occupation of Smyrna