IRMAKMUN Dress Code: Embracing Formality and Diplomacy

In the world of parliamentary simulation and international diplomacy, precision is paramount. At IRMAKMUN, where the intricacies of global politics come to life, we endeavour to foster an environment of authenticity and formality. To create the ideal atmosphere for high-level discourse and achievement, we maintain a formal dress code throughout the conference. This code applies to all participants, including MUN-Directors and accompanying individuals. Adherence to this dress code is not only an expectation but a requirement, as it plays a crucial role in upholding the formal ambience essential for productive diplomatic interactions.

Please be aware that the IRMAKMUN Organizing Committee holds the authority to enforce the dress code rigorously. Any participant not in compliance may face removal from the conference. This adherence to the dress code ensures that the sanctity of the diplomatic process is upheld and that all discussions occur within the established formal framework. Participants in violation of the dress code will be unable to enter any forums and will not be granted the opportunity to address the assembly.

For gentlemen, formal suits with ties are a must, while ladies are expected to don equally formal attire. National dress uniforms, insignias, pins, and clips are not permitted. We kindly request that participants refrain from sporting sneakers, T-shirts, or any other attire that deviates from the formal standard. By embracing the IRMAKMUN Dress Code, you contribute to an environment that embodies the essence of diplomacy and underscores the gravity of global collaboration.